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Coleman Banker 9215

Coleman Banker 9215

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AAA REG #: +*19583404
DOB: 06/30/2019
CED +13 | BW -2.4 | WW +69 | YW +119 | MILK +37 | $W + 95 | $M +105
Sire: Coleman Bravo 6313
Dam: Coleman Donna 4203

Coleman Banker 9215 was the $75,000 top-seller through the 2021 fall production sale. He was the second heaviest bull in his contemporary group and was the No. 1 ADG Bull on Test and had an actual birth weight of 75 lbs. The combination of this tremendous gain makes him one of the tremendous calving-ease sires ever produced in the Coleman Angus program.     

Coleman Donna 4203, the dam, has a progeny production record of BR 3@93, WR 3@104, YR 3@107. Maternal sister, Coleman Donna 9220, was the featured Lot 1 female of the 2021 fall production sale who sold at $45,000 for one-half interest for a $90,000 valuation as the top-selling, two-year-old female to Seven Bar 0 Cattle of Texas. Other maternal sisters through that same event include Coleman Donna 0178, the $22,500 Lot 2 female who sold to the Kelly family, and Coleman Donna 0121, was the $22,000 selection through that same event to Antczak Angus of Wisconsin.

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