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Coleman Easy Decision 1539

Coleman Easy Decision 1539

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AAA REG #: 20503415
DOB: 6/30/2021
CED + 9 | BW - 1.4 | WW +69 | YW +120  | MILK +24 | $W +69 | $M +91
Sire: Coleman Rock 7200 
Dam: Coleman Donna 7386

Coleman Easy Decision 1539 was the second top-selling bull of the 2023 Coleman Angus bull sale and sold for 135,0000 to Southern Cattle Co. of Mariana, Florida and Select Sires AI Stud. Easy Decision was named properly because he is five generations of calving easy genetics from five great cows within the Coleman program, his predictability is second to none for proven calving ease, high maternal, and performance genetics.

            Coleman Donna 7386, his dam, has a wonderful production record of BR 4@90, WR 4@113, YR 2@113 and four calves in a 364-day calving interval. His grandmother has a progeny production record of BR 6@93, WR 6@108, YR 5@107 and in a 367-calving interval on 6 head.  Combine these two generations with the third and fourth of Coleman Donna 714 and Coleman Donna 386 offers to be a very “Easy Decision”.

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