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Coleman Ace 989

Coleman Ace 989

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AAA REG #: + 19554432
DOB: 01/26/2019
CED +18 | BW -1.2 | WW +56 | YW +100 | MILK +34 | $W +79| $M 93
Sire: Coleman Bravo 6313     
Dam: Coleman Donna 439

This sure-shot heifer bull reads with negative birth weight EPD, double-digit, calving-ease direct and a balanced set of numbers across the board. He is a powerful individual with performance-driven progeny that have massive volume, dimension, and eye appeal.  He consistently stamps his progeny with herd-improving attributes proving to be a potent sire. His offspring are built with tremendous front end extension, added volume, and come at you in an exquisite package.

His Pathfinder dam, Coleman Donna 439, is a herd leader with front pasture phenotype and top production.  She has a progeny production record of BR 4@91, WR 4@108, YR 4@108.

Coleman Donna 720, a maternal sister, was the $437,000 past feature going to KT Ranch in Canada. Other maternal sisters include the $21,000 Coleman Donna 909, working in the KT Ranch program in Canada; the $26,000 Coleman Donna 042, working at ZWT Ranch in Tennessee; the $21,000 Coleman Donna 038, working at Premier Livestock in Canada; and the $17,000 Coleman Donna 057 at Sadler Ranch in Oklahoma

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